Better the present, Shape the future

Our Mission

« Dao » in Chinese philosophy means the way that is in harmony with the natural order. Thus, DaoForest is about applying an efficient and natural approach to protect biodiversity and the climate by restoring our forests.

We believe in empowering people to take tangible and long-lasting environmental action and we shall forever endeavor to make carbon-capture easy, understandable, affordable, and impactful.

Our Vision

Today, the planet and its environment are suffering extensive damage due to the negative impacts of climate change, like never before.

In its efforts to revive the climate, DaoForest is actively promoting forest reforestation programs in different parts of the world. It’s only by taking affirmative action now that we can actually limit climate change effects of tomorrow.

We work towards the day, when every single one of us, every community, and business entity share a deeper connection with our climate, and aspire to be warriors of the environment.

Our goal is to help the growth of forests, so that the environment is no longer polluted by carbon footprints, wild creatures regain their lost homes, the soil does not suffer erosion, and water sources are pure again.

DaoForest desires to preserve the beauty of our dwindling forests, for future generations to enjoy and protect. A greener, cleaner and better world is definitely possible, but only if we act now.

Our Reforestation Partner

Our tree-planting partner on the ground, Eden Reforestation Projects, is world renowned for their expertise, and tree-planting initiatives.

With 500 million trees planted and counting, they are extremely talented in the art and science of combining social and environmental regrowth.

Working extensively with local communities, Eden believes the right way to revive forests is by actually employing the local community for planting, tending, and protection of the trees – on traditional village lands.